Business practice and scientific backround


  • Dr. Zimmermann has been working sucessfully as a consultant and trainer in the area of organizational development for about 10 years. He has been self-employed since 1996.

  • Consulting and management education are based on the concept of building up and controlling an "evolutionary management and organizational system" which is the main component of an intelligent business organization. This concept was developed by Dr. Zimmermann.

  • His products are intended for all self-employed managers and executives who want to organize their executive duties sucessfully.

  • His institute gives employers and managers the opportunity to learn

    how to lead systematically

    The professionalism of his institute is the result of a unique combination of years of practical experience and modern scientific perspectives and knowledge.

  • Organisational and management processes are described with the help of system theorie, development theorie, game theorie, decision theory and of knowledge theory. These are made manageable for intelligently operating management.


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